Little Knights (3 year old program)

Little Knights

Intended for students who have turned 3 by 9/1/19 and are toilet-trained Little Knights is offered 3 half-days per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Little Knights uses the Owl Curriculum which supports Minnesota’s Early Childhood Indicators of Progress and its domains of learning.  Some specific goals for our Little Knights program include: Developing independence and building self-expression skills, strengthening social interactions with peers and adults, exploring the concepts behind early literacy, math, and problem solving techniques.  There are plenty of center activities for strengthening fine motor skills, including art projects, practicing writing their name, sensory table investigation and table-top manipulative games. Our curriculum supports creative, hands-on, engaging lesson plans for teaching children the meaning behind words, letters, shapes and numbers! Circle –time is always a fun place to hear a good story and learn a new song! Little Knights main goal is to have fun while learning in a caring, fun and creative classroom!  We are so happy to have Little Knights Preschool, it gives the preschoolers extra child development and learning skills that will prepare them for Kindergarten Connection and aid them in their early elementary years! Play