Kindergarten Connection (4 year old program)

Kindergarten Connection

Intended for students who turned 4 by 9/1/19 are toilet-trained and will be attending Kindergarten the following year. Programming for this group is 2-3 full days per week.  Classes are Mon., Wed., and every other Friday, or Tues., Thurs., every other Friday. By the end of the Kindergarten Connection our goal is to have the students recognize all the letter in the alphabet and have a good grasp on the sounds they make.  We do this through our Early Foundations Curriculum.  They will also be exposed to sight words and you will be so excited to see them begin to ‘read’.  Students will be able to count to 30+ and recognize and write numerals 0-9.  The students learn shapes, patterns, and sorting throughout the year.  We use Handwriting Without Tears to help students learn to write their letters and name.  We also will focus on students’ social and emotional growth through our Second Step program.   KG